200 Hours of Teacher Training & Personal Development

What We are Offering

You have arrived at your 200-hour Yoga & Personal Development Training Program and are about to embark on an extensive, transformational and rewarding journey as you work towards becoming the most true and authentic version of yourself.


Your faculty believes in balance, so this training is scheduled around all statutory and civic holidays in Ontario and we’ve committed to five-hour learning blocks! We want you to be the best version of yourself and we love that you are considering us for this chapter of your adventure! Can’t wait to share this journey with you!

What it's all about

Components of training offered include; Meditation, Pranayama, Subtle energies, Ayurveda, Asana, Teaching, Sequencing, Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy, and Lifestyle.


Learning is broken into four modules and five hour learning blocks on Saturday/ Sunday. Class times are 1:30-6:30 Sat/Sun and 6:30-9:00PM on Friday Evening

Each module will have an associated assignment. These assignments will be explained in greater detail prior to commencement of training.



Your tuition includes;


Unlimited membership to Yoga in the Creek (January to June 2019).

Training handbook


Mala Bracelet from Welcome Om

How Much?

The cost of our Yoga Teacher Training is $2900.00 + HST


Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Ayurveda witCharlene

*Additional work off the mat will be required of all trainees.


Jan. 11/12/13

Jan. 19/20

Jan. 26/27


I originally wanted to do this course to learn more about my body and yoga so that I could do it on a regular basis again, after completing the course I'm now confident in doing yoga for myself and want to share with everyone the many benefits and gifts that yoga gives me

I took the training more for self-development, never thinking about just how much I would gain. The training completely pulled me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to gain such deep insight into myself and yoga, and has made me want to share what I have learned.

I took the YTT to have a deeper understanding of yoga with a possibility of teaching afterwards. The YTT has given me a new perspective that I practice both on and off my mat and I love it! I plan on taking all that I have received and express it both on and off my mat.

I took this training because I recognized that yoga has become a permanent and necessary part of my life. The timing and scheduling also worked for me and my family. The experience has been life changing in so many ways, and has impacted my personal and professional life, as well as my wellness.

I loved all the teachers and workshops. They all individually provided a unique perspective, all beneficial to my yoga practice an upcoming yoga instructing.

The only feedback I have is that you all rock! I loved each and every module and you had the perfect teacher to take us through each. I learned so much from each one of the instructors - I can't imagine a better group of people to learn from - absolutely amazing!

All my teachers were fantastic, and have so much to offer. Each of them unique and knowledgeable. And it was clear to me that my training was superior to what they had received while completing their training.

I learned everything I needed and so much more during this yoga teacher training! Originally, I signed up to benefit my own yoga practice, as the training went on my confidence built and I became excited for the potential of teaching other people something that I love! I would recommend this training to anyone interested in teaching or just learning more about your own practice 🙂

The Hot Yoga Stoney Creek Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) was an unbelievable experience. We began our YTT in January 2018 as a group of 11 strangers embarking on a journey having no idea where it would take us - we all came with different expectations, different skill levels, different backgrounds - we left as family and with a deeper understanding of ourselves, and each other, than we could have ever imagined. Our instructors were phenomenal! An extremely talented group of people who stretched us way beyond our comfort zone in the most caring and compassionate manner. Thank you so much for your guidance, your patience, for sharing with us your vast knowledge and allowing us to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for this marvelous thing called 'yoga'! Most of all, I would like to thank you for taking us on this incredible journey, preparing us for the next chapter in this amazing adventure.

When I began this journey, my intention was to deepen my practice. I thought "well, maybe I will teach." These last few months I've gotten to know and love every single person in my class and my teachers. It is thanks to your support and love that I've come through this a more confident and calm person. Yes, there are still things to learn, but that is like anything in life. This is a lifelong learning experience and I can only grow from here. Thank you to my fellow graduates, your support in this has been amazing! And thank you to our teachers, you have truly inspired me in my life and I will take all teachings with me to my future

I took this training because I have had some amazing instructors who inspired me to enhance my yoga practice. The modules in this training included practical information as well as hands on experience that have prepared me to teach. Sam, Charlene and Natalie were all very knowledgeable instructors and created an environment for all participants that was welcoming, open minded and educational. My favourite part of this course was learning the anatomy of the body, including bones, muscles and nerves, and how I can modify postures to assist those practicing with limitations or restrictions. This course has given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my goal of becoming a yoga instructor and I hope that I can become just as great as those who inspired me. Thanks HYSC!!!

If you believe yoga has become an essential part of your life, then taking this training is essential as well. Even if you aren't sure you want to teach, the personal development is life changing and will impact you - mind, body and soul.

I would recommend yoga teacher training at Hot Yoga Stoney Creek. The facilitators are amazing and full of knowledge and hands on experience. They create a safe space for you to learn and grow, whether you are planning on becoming an instructor or for personal development.

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